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Paladar Fumior Salon now open

Paladar Fumior Salon

I’m currently moonlighting as a barista and cigar merchant. Paladar is my husband’s gig; it has so much of his personality, I actually feel a bit weird claiming it. For a little while, we’re redistributing jobs in our life while we juggle small children, a renovation and a handful of businesses. It so happens that I can pour a reasonable caffe and know a thing or two about cigars…and the espresso machine doesn’t try to climb on my lap as soon as I pull out the laptop… so it’s working for now.


Disrupting with Diversity

Diverse Disruption

Could the digital economy be the start of more diversity in leadership? Do you and your company recognise, as we do, that disruption is demanding new ways of thinking about business and business relationships?

Looking around, we see women, immigrants and indigenous Australians emerging as the heroes of new approaches to old problems. Collaboration and entrepreneurship are in-demand skills, reworking our understanding of customer engagement, knowledge management and creative innovation across sectors as broad as engineering, retail, infrastructure, health, science and policy.

Diverse Disruption explores the disruptive traits of diversity and its role in transitioning to a post-fact economy.




In March 2014, we celebrated printing the first issue of Simpublica. Frustrated that I couldn’t tell people at a BBQ what I do for a living, or direct them to a “book or website” as was often requested, I started Simpublica, a print and online magazine in 2013.

Celebrating the question “what if”, simpublica explores the fascinating cultures of simulation and augmented reality from the viewpoint of everyday people. It is a unique perspective on the people, technology, applications and trends around the world addressing questions like “What if we painted the wall a different colour? What if there’s a flood? What if the wind changes direction? What if the brakes fail? What if it’s a roaring success?“