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Use the disruptive force

Use the Disruptive Force Hypothetical

“What disruptive tech do town planners need to factor into their planning cycle?” was the question posed by AECOM’s Planning Lead when he approached me to facilitate a sponsored session at the Planning Institute of Australia’s national congress in May 2016. My response was to forget about the tech and recognise that the planning cycle would be disrupted. This inspired a hypothetical style discussion based around “Journey Toward 50 Million” a report on planning implications for Australia’s growing population to be released by PIA at the Congress. Our panelists included former UN Chief Scientist and father of Google Earth Prof Tim Foresman, Regional Development Australia’s economic clusters expert and The Competitiveness Institute Board Member Tracy Scott-Rimington, IBM’s Asia Pacific Education Lead Simon Eassom, AECOM’s Mike Gillen and PIA CEO Kirsty Kelly. I plan to write up and publish a transcript of sorts – drop me a line on the contacts page if you’d like to stay informed.

Disruptive Technology for Developing Smart Communities

Digital built environments are rapidly becoming integral to how we live and design our communities. From BIM to autonomous vehicles and robotics in healthcare, it is clear that spatio tech, nano tech and bio tech are the techs of the next decade. I delivered a presentation exploring the disruptive aspect of these techs on behalf of SIBA CEO Richard Simpson to the Australian Smart Communities conference in March 2016.

Sustainable Engineering and Society

My keynote address at Pivotal led to a guest lecture to students in QUT’s Masters in Engineering sustainability subject thanks to course coordinator Dr Cheryl Desha. We explored changing social values relevant to sustainable engineering, evident in disruptive technology and social media, and discussed stages of cultural change and strategies for managing dissonance.

Deanna Hutchinson Pivotal

Pivotal 2015

What does the Magna Carta have in common with Kyoto Protocol? In the year we celebrate the 800th anniversary of the great charter, I gave a keynote address alongside NASA scientists, Nobel Laureates, politicians and humanitarians, about the cultural challenges facing us as we move toward a spatially enabled, sustainable future. I have published a loose transcript here, or you can watch my presentation on Youtube.