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Exploring a Model for Training Simulations


There has been ongoing discussion about possibility (or futility) of developing a typology of training simulations. However, there are opportunities to consider a model of categorising training simulations. A common thread across the debate is the complexity of simulations and the broad range of areas that training simulations applied in. Therefore, as a first step to developing a typology of simulations, a number of pre-existing concepts have been collated to navigate the complexity. The process of decision making involves four steps. The first is the level of immersion required (Tactical, Strategic or Narrative). Second, is to consider the complexity of the simulation; the complexity relates to the level of problem solving and the number of participants in the simulation. Third, is to consider the degree of abstraction required for the simulation. Fourth, is to identify the model of simulation (Live, Virtual, Constructive). Considering these aspects provides a model for exploring the types of simulation that are appropriate to a particular situation. The model has been used to categorise common simulation types and to develop a tool to assist in making decisions about what simulations to use in learning and development activities as well as when considering the reuse/repurposing of simulations.


Melanie Worrall/Klevar

Deanna Hutchinson/The Simulation Agency

Submitted to:

SimTecT Conference