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I am a strategist who uses technology as a lever for transformational change. Some call me a futurist; you could even say I’m a technology evangelist. I like to help define problems and identify opportunities – product/market fit.

I like to analyse cultures and find ways to future-proof business who are being disrupted. I think of it as having 5 or 6 simultaneous careers that involve innovating, storytelling, educating, disrupting and connecting people and ideas around emerging creative science technologies.

Simulation and modelling, spatial science, augmented reality, autonomy and biotech are where I generally play, although I have a few side interests. You can read more here.


I have simultaneously discovered a passion for industry advocacy, and emerging technology.

Formally trained in Business, I see the world through a lens of “how can we help people connect with good ideas”. Through public speaking engagements I focus on socialising technology relevance, and in 2014, I published a magazine, with the express purpose of showcasing simulation as a thrilling destination for graduates of STEM and creative studies alike.

I am currently exploring an interest in collaborative innovation – the dynamic between paid staff, volunteers and contractors, and how to maximise contributions effectively. I enjoy the transition from being the “frontman” to leading from behind, and managing upwards to people’s capability.


Emerging technology is the common thread that connects my diverse professional experiences. I have been employed in senior leadership roles in associations, and as a private consultant I have worked with executive leadership teams and boards internationally. This work has involved designing strategies to fit the changing marketplace, developing appropriate governance to support operations, re-engineering business models and organisational structures, and providing thought leadership to government and potential clients about the challenges of emerging and disruptive technologies.

After working predominantly with elearning, ERP, simulation and digital publishing since 2000, my most recent experience has been in BIM, open data, autonomy and spatial science, and I am now one of a small number of professionals in the world whose networks and knowledge span multiple domains. I have enjoyed contributing to a broader understanding of what disruption looks like in terms of how we design and support communities in a post-industrial, spatial technology-enabled economy.